My garden lawn....Need some info, please :-)?

Answer You'll need to apply some lawn food, such as Rolawn GroRight or Evergreen Complete and make sure it is watered in otherwise it will 'burn' the grass. I always tend to check the weather forecast to ... Read More »

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Im thinking of switching from windows to mac and need some info please?

After 20 years of Windows computers and 20 years of problems(which taught me a lot) I jumped to a Mac. It cost a bit but with Mac computers, they simply work!! It will take you a few days to get us... Read More »

Guys can please gimme some info about cost of the living in Lugano Switzerland !?

What the site says - what I think:1.CHF 450-800 Shared single room or one-bedroom apartment - about right, although you should get something cheaper if you look around and don't mind it being small... Read More »

Please gimme some info about school of photography in france that gives scholarship!?

I've found some French photography schools. The details are below (the websites might contain some information about scholarships - I have them all in translated english because I don't know whethe... Read More »

Any docs on board tonight could you advise me please my mum (70yrs)fell and has a 1/2grapefruit size lump?

Please go to the doctor and get an x-ray and possibly an MRI.It could potentially become infected and turn into gangrene or sepsis. see a doctor asap.