Could I pass as a female?

Answer The eyebrows are the only thing I would recommend getting shaped. The rest is good. Even with the brows you look young.

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Could you help me pass as a girl for a day?

This is so funny. Okay so I guess you have to put some padding, or you could be a girl who is flat, your choice. Either one is okay. I suggest you get some girls to help you out on this project. Pu... Read More »

Could this pass as a Troll Photo?

Weird I picked my image bcuz of my name I wouldn't say I'm a troll I'm very nice and honest but yeah this pic I've had for years bcuz I think it's awesome, nice choice in pics btw ;P

Could someone please pass some luck my way?

I could pass you some of my luck, not sure you would appreciate it, we bought a house with laminate floors, when I took them up because they were damaged we found the whole ground floor underneath ... Read More »

Why could there never be a female hemophillia?

Hemophilia is an X-linked recessive disease which means the disease can manifest only if the genes on both chromosomes are affected. As males have only one X chromosome the disease always manifests... Read More »