Could I move itunes to an external hardrive?

Answer You can't. You can backup your music to the HDD, but its not a good idea to move the files. It's slower, it's less reliable, and it can mess up all your album information and artwork. The iTunes pr... Read More »

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Could i leave my external hardrive and my laptop on for 6days straight?

(10 points for first good answer) the hardrive with my current system has xp on it, could I move this to......?

Actually yes you can! It's called dual-booting, and when you install both OSs on a system, it asks you which one you want to use during the boot-up process. Here's a great step-by-step tutorial.htt... Read More »

How do I move all my iTunes music to my external hard drive?

1.Open up iTunes.2.Click edit in the top-left corner.3.Choose "Select All" or type Ctrl+A.4.Open up your hard drive and navigate to where you want to put the songs.5.In iTunes click and drag them t... Read More »

Backing up with external hardrive?

Depends what method or what you back up options you choose.A Full system/image backup would also save google history.