Could I leave my computer on 24/7?

Answer A lot of people leave their computer on all the time. You can set your computer to turn off the monitor after x number of minutes, your hard drive after x number of minutes, etc. Look for 'power ... Read More »

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Could you be in the national guard but not leave the us?

Certainly, that used to be SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) during the Vietnam War. Which is why there was a waiting list to join the Guard during the war; 6 years in the Guard or...2 years in ... Read More »

Could you be in the national guard and not leave the u.s?

Yes. Most Guard members do not deploy overseas. Instead, they perform their duties in the State where they live. In addition to the monthly drills and yearly training, they help in all types of eme... Read More »

Is it ok to leave your computer on for the whole week or is it bad for the computer?

This question has been asked since the personal computer was still in diapers. Back then I'd say turning off you pc would be more prefered but with new pc's, components are better made and are des... Read More »

Could you leave me alone about the breast!?

I'm sorry, but I have no idea what you are talking about. I wish you a pleasant evening though.