Could I have broken a knuckle?

Answer Put some ice on it it will take off the swelling then give it 2 days to HEAL and it will get better but put ice it will work trust me!

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Could my knuckle be broken How can I take care of it without going to A&E?

I suggest you to consult a doctor. because may be possible that your finger bone have been moved or have some internal bleeding

How to test for a broken knuckle?

Make a fist with your unaffected hand. As hard as you can.Now make a fist with your affected hand. Squeeze as hard as you can.If you can't or you notice one side is significantly worse off, chances... Read More »

I have an hp scanjet (scanner) that is discontinued but have broken the usb cable. Where could I get a new usb?

You need a USB-A to USB-B cable. These come in different lengths, so choose one that's right for the distance you wish to place the scanner away from the computer.The cables can be obtained at vir... Read More »

39 wks pregnant only 1 cm dilated could my water have just broken?

Of course they have I can see them from here. (heavy irony there)Contact your healthcare provider, go to the hospital or whatever you are doing, Don't sit down at the computer and ask people who ca... Read More »