Could I have broken a knuckle?

Answer Put some ice on it it will take off the swelling then give it 2 days to HEAL and it will get better but put ice it will work trust me!

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How to test for a broken knuckle?

Make a fist with your unaffected hand. As hard as you can.Now make a fist with your affected hand. Squeeze as hard as you can.If you can't or you notice one side is significantly worse off, chances... Read More »

Could my knuckle be broken How can I take care of it without going to A&E?

I suggest you to consult a doctor. because may be possible that your finger bone have been moved or have some internal bleeding

What Does a Steering Knuckle Do?

Vehicle suspension refers to the system of linkages, springs and other components that facilitates breaking and road handling. A steering knuckle is a key part of this system.

I don't have a thumb knuckle?

It's obviously a birth defect. Under x-ray you will see that the bones are fused where they ought to be free. However, if it does not bother you, then don't bother it.