Could I have a brain injury 4 days after falling down the stairs?

Answer I'm sure you're fine, people hgit their head all the time. If you were knocked out you might want to ask a doctor but other than than, take a paracetamol and you'll be fine!

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How to survive falling down the stairs?

There are a few ways. One being to grab the rail or something to prevent yourself from continuing to fall. You may pull your shoulder out of socket but it's way better than brain damage.Second, you... Read More »

Is it weird that i laugh when some one gets hurt like falling down the stairs or sumtin i cant help it?

lmfao! falling down the stairs. umm lol alot of people laughat thatt.

I am about to break my leg falling down the stairs any tips on how to definatly brake my leg?

o.k. I won't call you stupid, I do understand, I was a registered Nurse, you are pathetic, go ahead, but don't be surprised if this ends in your death or serious debilitation & not just a couple of... Read More »

Can a person get skin abrasions or scars under eye from falling down stairs?