Could I get some advice about the Gardasil vaccine..Is it recommended?

Answer You'd be doing her a bigger favor by educating her about the risk factors for persistent HPV infections--such as, smoking ups your risk of getting a PERSISTENT HPV infection by up to 2600 percent; ... Read More »

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I could use some advice on a TV?

Go online to Home Theater Magazine and read the reviews on tvs, along with the pro and con of each technology. Panasonic is one of the most reliable tv in the market today. They have more Plasma t... Read More »

Welfare mom could use some good advice...?

I could do with some NICE advice.?

Try not to notice what you do. And instead of tearing yourself down, try looking for the positives in other people. And LET THEM KNOW of these positives, then they'll notice your attitude. Try to c... Read More »

Feeling kind of lost and could use some advice. ?

I have a friend with a similar situation. She had custody of her 3 granddaughters. Their father also lived them all together. The mother has been in and out of drug rehab and prison for quite some ... Read More »