Could I ever become a vegetarian since I ate meat all my life.?

Answer Maybe...Up until I was seventeen I ate meat. When I was a kid and teenager my parents where able to cook steaks every weekend or make shrimp and crab legs and I loved them. I loved the old style ... Read More »

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I want to become a vegetarian, but im addicted to meat. how can i go vegetarian?

Stop buying meat when you go to the grocery store. Use up what you're got in your fridge, freezer, cupboards, whatever. Don't waste food, that doesn't serve your ideological cause either, after all... Read More »

Can i still eat meat if i'm a vegetarian!?

You can't eat meat and call yourself a vegetarian.

I want to eat meat....but im vegetarian?

I'm 15 and have been a vegetarian for over two years. at the beginning I did break a few times and ate some meat. However, now every time my spirit needs lifting I look at a pro-animal rights video... Read More »

I just ate meat and I'm a vegetarian?

well, i understand why you did it, 'peer pressure' is a big reason most people end up doing things they dont want to do, and you dont want to upset your dad, or look silly infront of your family, b... Read More »