Could I die from falafel that has been cursed by a vengeful troll?

Answer The only counterspell I know of (and tested) is the blood of Edward Cullen mixed with a splash of Cedric Diggory's magical spitwick (liquid he created to master the Patronus spell)... mix both subs... Read More »

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Could you find an article from 1943-44 of 2 ships that entered New York harbour that had been torpedoed at the white cliffs of dover England?

for PSB it is called PPDT first there will be virbal exam then non-virbal after each these exams there will be shortlisting of candidates and then story writing based on picture shown in 5 minutes... Read More »

Do you ever see newborn and baby troll questions and think "I could do better than that"?

Help! I'm at work and realized I left my baby at home in his carseat on top of the stove with the burners on!WHAT DO I DOOOOOOO?

If your nipples have been very sensitive and sore for the past week and cycle is not due for another day or so does that mean that you could be pregnant?

Answer It's possible, but it could be a symptom of PMS. Wait until your period is due, if it doesn't come and it a few days late, take a home test or go see a doctor.

If a child has been diagnosed with poliomyelitis and the source of the pathogen has been speculated to be from the sand is there a certain test that can prove that the sand was the primary cause of t?