Could I demand to sit in my child's classroom?

Answer I taught in Texas for almost 20 years and in 3 different districts. We never had a day's notice that a parent was coming, and parents were always welcomed in unless it was like during testing. Yo... Read More »

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Law of Supply & Demand Classroom Activities?

The concepts of supply and demand are important economic principles. Supply is how much of a certain item is available. Demand is the quantity of that item people want to buy. The quantity of an it... Read More »

What Problems Could a Teacher Have in Classroom Management?

Classroom management has a tremendous impact on the instructional success of a teacher and on the behavioral and academic success of a student. Teachers who are prepared and have a firm grasp on th... Read More »

Name three or more ways that you could literacy rich experiences into a Pre-kindergarten classroom?

Reading, singing and hanging up posters with words.

How to Emulate Amy Childs?

Amy Childs (born 7 June 1990)[1] is an English model, beautician, reality television contestant and television presenter from Essex (though born in East London). Childs rose to fame after appearing... Read More »