Could I be partially deaf Please help me out a bit! ?

Answer see ur doctor and yh i think u can

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Could someone please help with this Q please....thanks?

It doesn't sound like an illness to me, it sounds like simple problems with sleeping patterns and quality of sleep - such as if your bed was in need of replacing or you have something worrying you.... Read More »

A good friend of mine on here said I should ask this question which I could use your help. Please help?

as soon as youtube wants to work..… born on the bayou- CCR… this day we fight!- megadeth

Could you please help me?

Where could I go. Please help.!?

Some cheap(ish) restaurants you could go are:-Rosati's pizza-Olive Garden (???)-Apple Bee's-Red Sun (Chinese)-Golden Coral (??)-Bill's Pizza and PubSorry that's really all I got!