Could HealthCare be ANY more complicated?

Answer It can be complicated. That would depend on the situation.

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Healthcare: Could i get in trouble?

That is the most asinine thing I have ever heard. Can you say lawsuit waiting to happen. Whoever is responsible for the patient is responsible for vitals. I never trust anyone to take vitals for me... Read More »

I was just wonderin'...Why can't the US government make the tax return process just a little more complicated?

Good point, The Nolte. And besides, if the tax code was made more complicated, it would stimulate teh economy. Just imagine how many more accountants would need to be hired, all without the gover... Read More »

Who sings the song More love and more joy than age time could ever destroy?

Kim Carnes Ellingson [b. July 20, 1945]. The American singer-songwriter began her career with The New Christy Minstrels, in 1967. A fellow Minstrel was Kenneth Ray ka Kenny Rogers [b. August 21, 19... Read More »

My Dad died abroad of a burst aorta, I need to know could the Doctors could have done more to save him?

nothing can be done for a burst aorta. this is the biggest artery in the body. If it had happended in his own country with surgeons standing by nothing could of been done to save him.Im so sorry fo... Read More »