Coughing up blood?

Answer Well, LeviTosh, coughing blood can have many possible causes:tuberculosispneumonialung cancer bronchiectasislung cystsmitral stenosispulmonary embolismbroncholithiasisacute bronchitis and many othe... Read More »

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Why is a dog coughing blood?

Coughing is the body's way of dealing with irritation in the lungs or airways. Coughing up blood is often indicative of a potentially serious veterinary issue. Only a properly licensed veterinarian... Read More »

I'm coughing up blood in the morning does this mean I'm going to die?

DUDE HAVE YOU GOT A BRAIN!!!ever heard of common's obvious your body is telling you something is wrong..if you broke your arm would you not go to a hospital!! stop acting so dim..if the ... Read More »

Coughing up blood, chest infection?

Coughing up bloody mucus is different than coughing up blood. If it's still just bloody mucus, stick with the antibiotics, stay in humid areas, and don't overexert yourself. If you're actually coug... Read More »

While coughing up blood this morning on my altar to Satan, I noticed some hair in it. Should I see a doctor?