Cottonless Cottonwood Tree Pests?

Answer Cottonless cottonwood trees are trees with only male flowers of the species Populus deltoides. Although female trees produce seed with its attached, well-known "cotton," the male trees only have 3 ... Read More »

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Brown Discharge From a Cottonwood Tree?

The cottonwood tree (Populus deltoides), also referred to as eastern cottonwood, is a native tree of the United States related to aspens and poplars. In its native habit, the tree grows in disturbe... Read More »

Mimosa Tree Pests?

Mimosa trees, commonly known as silk trees, are renowned are known for large, pink, fragrant, ornamental flowers that can grow to an 1 1/2 inch long. Mimosa trees can grow to 40 feet tall in USDA h... Read More »

Ficus Tree Pests?

The ficus tree, also known as the "weeping fig," grows indoors and outdoors. When kept indoors, ficus trees grow to a height of about 6 feet. Ficus trees have dark green, shiny, pointed leaves. Lik... Read More »

Grapefruit Tree Pests?

Grapefruit trees are susceptible to several pests, most of which affect the leaves but cause little damage to the remainder of the tree. This makes a grapefruit tree an excellent choice for anyone... Read More »