Costumes Gags & Gifts?

Answer Giving costume pieces as gag gifts can evoke laughter and smiles from the recipient. Even if the gift itself is entirely functional for everyday life, it can still bring entertainment to the person... Read More »

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Which is the best color of costumes suit for young women Where I can get cheap-costumes?

i think sofe green or red are suitable to youg women . Maybe onlineshop is much cheaper than in stores.You can have a try.

What is the name of the blonde actress from the Canadian show Just For Laughs Gags?

Can anyone tell me the meaning of these gifts for a house warming gifts?

It's like a blessing, it's something like this...Bread...that this house may never know hunger.Salt...that life may always have flavor.Wine...that life will always be sweet and joyful.Here's some m... Read More »

Gifts for smart people Geeky gifts?

Well first of all the other comments are highly stereotypical of geeks :P I usually browse:Callpod.comx-tremegeek.combestbuy.comor pretty much any other place that they sell electronics if you don'... Read More »