Costco or sam's club for flour, sugar, & other baking needs?

Answer i went to costco about 2-3 days ago happened to pass by the sacks of flour and sugar they were roughly the same. i believe they were around $12-20. more in the higher area for me because i live in ... Read More »

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Would you every buy a plasma from costco or sams?

They are both listed high for places to puchase Electronics from in Consumer Reports. Costco has a 90 day return policy which is awesome and Sam's club I think has a 60 day. I think the prices fo... Read More »

Can I substitute wheat flour for white flour in baking?

It depends - hard whole wheat flour has a high gluten content so is what should be used for bread-baking. The soft wheat flour is lower in gluten (and protein) - this one can be used in pastries, ... Read More »

Is it ok to buy a Tv from Walmart or Sams Club?

I don't own a Vizio, but I do know that some of the Vizio TV's have been rated a "Best Buy" in Consumer Reports. That being said, it does not mean it is the best TV, but for the money, it's worthy ... Read More »

What is in baking flour?

Baking flours are generally made from wheat. However, there are different flours that can be made from corn, rice and others. Each type of baking flour is used for a different task or baking purp... Read More »