Cost to Replace Motor Mounts?

Answer Prices to replace engine mounts vary with the vehicle, the price of the mounts and the labor costs. Generally, the cost runs between $350 to $550. The mounts can be purchased relatively cheaply onl... Read More »

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How much do Mustang motor mounts cost?

Ford Mustang motor mounts can cost as little as $10 to $20 for 1980s and older Mustangs and about $26 a piece for newer cars. A good set of polyurethane racing mounts can run upwards of $150 to $17... Read More »

How to Replace Motor Mounts?

Motor mounts keep the engine fixed to the frame of the vehicle. Taking your vehicle to a shop to have a mount replaced can be costly. But to do it yourself is troublesome and time-consuming. You wi... Read More »

How to Replace the Motor Mounts on a GMC?

Motor mounts are metal mounts with rubber inserts that keep the engine in place under heavy torque. When these mounts go bad it can be loud and potentially cause damage to other components of your ... Read More »

How to Replace S10 Motor Mounts?

If you feel the engine of your Chevy S10 vibrating more than usual, you may need to replace one or more of its motor mounts. Being familiar with the process will save you money and make you more fa... Read More »