Cost of processors im range with q8200 2.33ghz.?

Answer ebay dude no the lga775 will not ever support an i3 mind you my q6600(3ghz oc'd with a noctua nh-d14 cooler)) destroys my mates i3 in all aspects he has 16gb ram i have 4

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Mobile Processors Vs. Desktop Processors?

Mobile and desktop CPUs both serve the same essential purpose. They are the brain of a computer--sometimes a desktop PC, a laptop computer or a handheld device.

How fast is the Intel Core2 quad processor Q8200?

The Intel Core 2 Quad Q8200 processor has a clock frequency of 2.33 GHz and runs on a motherboard bus speed of 1.33 GHz. The Core 2 Quad Q8200 has 4 MB of internal cache memory shared between the f... Read More »

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