Cost of child delivery?

Answer The cost of labor and delivery varies from state to state, and from practice to practice, and between facilities as well. For a normal vaginal delivery with no complications, on average the physici... Read More »

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What does a delivery nurse do during a child delivery?

a delivery nurse only helps the doctor with getting the tools and helps holds the mothers legs up and when the baby is born the nurse takes the baby and washes it off and raps a blanket around it a... Read More »

How much does the delivery of a baby cost?

it depends on where you live, i live in new zealand and its all free i had a cesarean section nearly three years ago and even that is free AnswerA cesarean section will cost about $15000 and vagina... Read More »

How much does bulk water delivery cost?

I have a bulk water delivery business in dripping springs tx, I charge anywhere from 85 to some times 200 dollars per 2000 gallons longer the distance the more we have to charge

How much is a delivery cost at a birthing center?

Answer I can't say for sure, it really depends on your center and where you live. But I've researched a few in Texas and Oklahoma and they tend to cost between $3000 and 5000. Due to the lack of mo... Read More »