Cost of a Car Engine Replacement?

Answer With regular maintenance, most cars can last for a long while. Regular oil changes, tire replacement and tune-ups can make a car go a long way. However, engine replacement, unlike types of car wo... Read More »

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How to Do an Engine Replacement on a GMC Suburban?

The engine on the GMC Suburban takes on enormous stress and strain, whether the Suburban is towing a trailer or just riding down the road. The weight of the Suburban puts a lot of strain on the eng... Read More »

Auto Engine Replacement?

Replacing the engine in your car or truck may be your most cost-effective means of adding years to the life of your vehicle, according to This replacement can cost thousands less than b... Read More »

California DMV Engine Replacement Regulations?

Although it might seem natural that the California Department of Motor Vehicles would oversee and regulate the replacement of vehicular engines in cars, the task is actually under the authority of ... Read More »

Check Engine Light Replacement?

The "Check Engine Light" informs a driver of mechanical issues, such as emmision-control malfunction, vacuum loss and even complete engine failure. Vehicles with a flashing "check engine light" mi... Read More »