Cost of Maple Floors Vs. Red Oak Floors?

Answer Maple and red oak are two widely used species of wood utilized in the manufacturing of residential and commercial wood flooring. There remain a number of differences between these types of wood, bu... Read More »

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How hard are maple, oak, and bamboo floors?

The hardness of a floor is typically measured with a Janka test, which measures the amount of force needed to embed a small steel ball into wood. Bamboo ranks high on the scale, though different ki... Read More »

How do I clean maple hardwood floors?

DailySweep the maple floor up to three times daily (for heavily trafficked maple floors such as gym floors) with a dust mop, advises the Maple Flooring Manufacturers Association, Inc. Clean up any ... Read More »

Can graphite powder help with squeeky hardwood floors floors?

Not graphite but sometimes ( sometimes) baby powder or talc sweep into the cracks helps. Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar. GL

Can you change natural oak hardwood floors into cherry oak floors?

You can change your natural oak hardwood floors into cherry oak floors by applying a coat of cherry stain to the wood. According to The Internet Consumer Guide To Hardwood Floors, natural hardwood ... Read More »