Cosmo Drink Ideas?

Answer The Cosmopolitan, brought to mass popularity in the late '90s as the favorite drink of the ladies on "Sex and the City," originated in San Francisco singles bars in the 1970s. It's juicy, tart blen... Read More »

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How old is cosmo?

About the same age as tails. :)

What happened to Cosmo's dad?

Who is cosmo the plant?

Cosmo is a plant from Sonic X. She appears in no other tv show, nor a game. She has buds on her head, and, over time, fell in love with Miles "Tails"Prower." She sacrifices herself to save her kind... Read More »

What is the meaning of the name Cosmo?

The name Cosmo originated in Greek and Italian, meaning order, as well as organization and beauty. Cosmo originated with St. Cosmas, a martyr alongside his twin brother, St. Damian, in the fourth c... Read More »