Cosmetics for Cancer Patients?

Answer For those suffering from a devastating diagnosis, radiation and chemotherapy introduce the additional challenge of how to feel good about your appearance when your eyelashes have disappeared, or yo... Read More »

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How to Fix Meals for Cancer Patients?

Good nutrition is important for everyone, but getting enough nutrients into a cancer patients' bodies is critical to their healing and energy levels. Surgery, chemotherapy and radiation treatments ... Read More »

Christmas Gifts for Cancer Patients?

People often don't know what to say or do for a friend or loved one who is facing a major health challenge. The awkward feeling can compound during the Christmas season when societal and family tra... Read More »

Why do cancer patients have no hair?

Do cancer patients in the USA have to pay for treatment?

Other people are more qualified than I am to explain the US system; there always seem to be people claiming that no cancer patient need go untreated in the US through lack of funds - but at the sam... Read More »