Cosmetic Uses of Cardamom?

Answer Cardamom, an aromatic spice grown in India, has applications in both foods and cosmetics. Cardamom seeds are crushed and distilled to produce essential oil, which is then combined with other ingred... Read More »

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Cosmetic Uses for Lemon Grass?

Lemongrass, a popular fragrant grass widely cultivated in tropical climates, provides a number of beneficial uses that people can take advantage of everyday. In addition to medicinal and aromathera... Read More »

Cosmetic Uses of White Ginger?

A native of India and the Himalayas, white ginger lily (Hedychium coronarium) is known for its heady, overpowering fragrance, and pure white flowers that resemble butterflies. The Dai people, who l... Read More »

What Are Cosmetic Uses of Safflower Oil?

Safflower oil is widely used in cooking and industry, but it has several cosmetic uses as well. All of safflower's cosmetic uses take advantage of the oil's clean moisturizing capabilities.Benefits... Read More »

Botox "cosmetic" Who ever thought we'd live to see the day where botulinum neurotoxin is labeled a cosmetic?

I do AGREE with YOU...When you cannot smile at someone, that is the day you really need to stop what your doing!!and I do wonder how many of these people havegotten Botulism because of this shot!?... Read More »