Corvette Quarter Panel Removal?

Answer The Chevrolet Corvette was one of the first automobiles employing something other than metal or wood for body panels. The fiberglass used to sheath Chevy's sports car is still part of the car's con... Read More »

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The name and model of a Dishwasher the has a trim kit to install a one quarter inch thick wood panel front. Hot point is our old one now has a wood panel on it now?

Answer The model number is supposed to be on a sticker on the inside somewhere. LOOK FER IT!

What Is a Quarter Panel?

After an accident or a fender bender, a body shop repairman may say that is "easier to replace the quarter panel" than to try to correct the dent. What is a quarter panel, and what does it do?Anato... Read More »

How to Install a Quarter Panel?

The quarter panel on a vehicle is connected to the frame by 10 to 15 bolts. Quarter panels are either metal or plastic, depending on the year and model of the vehicle. The bolts that secure the qua... Read More »

How to Replace a Quarter Panel?

Automotive body repair is a very specialized process. Welding, sanding, alignment, and attention to detail are all part of the body repair process. Cars are made of several pieces of metal with bot... Read More »