Corvette Paint Removal?

Answer There are three ways to remove paint from your Corvette. One option is to use sandblasting or another blasting method. A second option is to use a high-powered sander. The third option is to use a ... Read More »

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C5 Corvette Engine Removal?

Removing the engine from a Corvette C5 is a little bit complex and challenging. You must go about it differently than what you would in most engines, as the engine and drivetrain must be lowered fr... Read More »

Plenum Removal for a 1988 Corvette?

The 1988 Corvette was the fifth installment of the C4 Corvette and the fourth year for the Bosch Tuned Port Injection. In TPI, air was introduced to the engine from an under-bumper air scoop into t... Read More »

Corvette Dash Removal Instructions?

Whether you need to do a repair or install some new equipment behind the dashboard of your Corvette, you can remove the dash yourself and avoid paying a mechanic to do the job. Most Corvettes have ... Read More »

C5 Corvette Spark Plug Removal?

Spark plugs are a basic component of a Corvette's ignition system that ensure the motor receives a constant and reliable supply of spark. Over time, plugs can become fouled and should be replaced a... Read More »