Corvette Paint Removal?

Answer There are three ways to remove paint from your Corvette. One option is to use sandblasting or another blasting method. A second option is to use a high-powered sander. The third option is to use a ... Read More »

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C5 Corvette Engine Removal?

Removing the engine from a Corvette C5 is a little bit complex and challenging. You must go about it differently than what you would in most engines, as the engine and drivetrain must be lowered fr... Read More »

C5 Corvette Spark Plug Removal?

Spark plugs are a basic component of a Corvette's ignition system that ensure the motor receives a constant and reliable supply of spark. Over time, plugs can become fouled and should be replaced a... Read More »

C3 Corvette Engine Removal Tips?

The Chevrolet Corvette has had a “small block” V-8 engine exclusively since its second model year in 1955. (Originally, the Corvette came with an inline-6). Since that time, the engine has been... Read More »

Starter Removal in a 2003 C5 Corvette?

Starting in 1971, the Corvette slowly began spiraling down the horsepower drain, as emission regulations put a stranglehold on its output. Unlike many muscle cars of its era, the Corvette survived ... Read More »