Cortizone is bothersome help!!?

Answer are you sure the stinger is fully out? also, wasp stings can swell up and be painful for a long time. Cortisone cream is helpful, I also have used benadril orally to get the enzyme under control,... Read More »

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What are the side effects of topical cortizone in dogs?

Topical cortisone is routinely prescribed for dogs who suffer from "hot spots," or itchy, sore areas on the dog's body. As tempting as it may be to reach for cortisone as treatment, there are side ... Read More »

How do you get your sister to stop being so bothersome?

You don't - you get yourself to be more patient A sound proof room and multiple padlocks alternatively, you could always shoot her with a tank-launcher-launcher☻ Answer There is also the poss... Read More »

What would cause an irregularly shaped lighter area in the botom right quadrant of your 26 LCD screen Almost appears like a watermark Barely visible but bothersome?