Corsair h100 and 15 2500k temps?

Answer You should be able to keep it well under 70C @ 4.8ghz with the H100. I use the Thermalright Silver Arrow cooler which is roughly as good and run my i5 a touch under 4.9ghz, stress testing my temps ... Read More »

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About the corsair h100 cooler.Is it necessary?

Can this case support a Corsair H100 liquid cooling?

Unfortunately the H100 does not fit in that case without modding it, the H80 does though.

What's the best ram for intel i5-2500k?

The performance difference between those memory frequencies - in games - is negligible at best. If you were on 1333MHz, and upgraded to 2133MHz, you'd get a measly 2fps increase at best. Games do n... Read More »

Which is better Intel i5 2500K vs AMD FX-8150?

i5 2500K has only 4 cores,while the AMD FX-8150 has 8 cores which means that the AMD FX-8150 is more powerful than the i5 2500k.