Correlation of IQ With Success?

Answer An IQ is the resulting score from an IQ or intelligence quotient test. This is often thought of as an accurate way to record a person's intelligence level. There is controversy around whether there... Read More »

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How to Calculate Correlation Coefficients With an Equation?

Pearson's r is a correlation coefficient used to measure the strength of association between two variables that fall into the interval ratio category. Interval ratio variables are those which have ... Read More »

How to Calculate Correlation With the Excel Spreadsheet Program?

Correlation shows how much a set of variables may be related to each other. It is a very helpful and often-used calculation in statistics. On paper, correlation can be difficult to calculate, but l... Read More »

How to Fish for Panfish With Success?

Panfishing is a very fun activity to do. It is also very easy to do very cheaply.

How to Assess Student Success With Demographic Backgrounds?

Breaking down assessment data by demographics can help teachers understand if they are meeting all their students' needs. It allows teachers to see how a particular group performed on a task, and ... Read More »