Correct Napkin Folding?

Answer Linen or cloth napkins add an elegant touch to the dining table at any meal. They can be folded in simple or complex manners, placed on dinner plates or in goblets at each place setting, arranged a... Read More »

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Napkin Folding Ideas With Napkin Rings?

A table setting often reflects the mood and theme of a dinner party. Enhance the tablescape at your next event by presenting elegant napkin folds. There are several different types of dinner napkin... Read More »

Ways of Folding a Paper Napkin With the Eating Utensils?

The art of napkin folding has been around for a long while; you typically see it at fancy functions or upscale restaurants. You don't have to save folded napkins for a special occasion, however. Yo... Read More »

How to Fold a Napkin for a Napkin Ring?

Cloth napkins offer limitless folding possibilities, including dozens of complex, origami-like designs. Napkin rings themselves provide for multiple options, and though this is probably the quickes... Read More »

DIY Napkin Holders?

Instead of purchasing napkin holders, create your own at home. Making your own napkin holder rings will prove to be inexpensive because you will have most of the necessary items around your home. M... Read More »