Corporate Finance & Accounting?

Answer In a corporation, the ownership and control of the firm are vested in stockholders. Although this distribution allows large amounts of capital to be raised and provides a structure conducive to lon... Read More »

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What Is Corporate Finance Law?

Corporate businesses tend to have various roles and departments to serve the corporate needs. One department that most large corporations need is a legal department and a finance department. A lega... Read More »

What is a corporate finance career?

A career in corporate finance can be very lucrative and meaningful. It can also be stressful and challenging. Understanding the lifestyle that comes with a career in corporate finance will help you... Read More »

Information on Corporate Finance?

Corporate finance is concerned with the means by which a corporation obtains and distributes resources. It provides a guide for financial decision-making and a blueprint for the organization and op... Read More »

Corporate Finance Qualifications?

The Corporate Finance Qualification is an internationally recognized qualification for corporate finance professionals. At present it is available in the Americas, Europe, Asia and the Middle East ... Read More »