Corporate Bond Spread Vs. Treasury Bonds?

Answer The yield difference between corporate bonds and Treasury bonds of the same maturities is referred to as the yield spread or yield gap. Bond investors often use Treasury bonds as a benchmark to com... Read More »

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What is the difference between a 20-year treasury&a corporate bond?

While corporate bonds and 20-year Treasury bonds have similar fundamental characteristics, they differ in many areas, including safety of principal, taxation and fluctuations in value. Investors sh... Read More »

Are Series EE Bonds the Same As Treasury Bonds?

The United States Treasury offers a number of ways to invest your money. Treasury securities include not only EE savings bonds and I savings bonds, but also Treasury bonds. The Treasury considers E... Read More »

How to Buy Treasury Bonds?

Treasury bonds are just about the safest investments out there. Buying United States Treasury bonds is easy. The Treasury maintains a very comprehensive website. It's a lot to read, but it is not d... Read More »

Who buys u.s. treasury bonds?

The U.S. government auctions Treasury bonds according to a published schedule. Many buyers prefer to buy Treasury bonds at auction because the Treasury does not charge a commission.Dealers and Brok... Read More »