Corolla Halfshaft Removal?

Answer The half shafts on your front-wheel drive Toyota Corolla come equipped with inner and outer constant velocity (CV) joints, protective rubber boots and other components. These CV joints commonly wea... Read More »

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Corolla Torque Converter Removal?

A torque converter in a Toyota Corolla is the component that can increase or decrease the engine rpm. The torque converter converts fluid pressure and locks the converter output shaft. The transmis... Read More »

Toyota Corolla Bumper Removal?

The Toyota Corolla, like most cars on the road today, is equipped with a plastic bumper cover, a foam bumper shock absorber, and a metal bumper that is completely integrated into the frame. This en... Read More »

Toyota Corolla Door Panel Removal?

Removing one of the door panels on a Toyota Corolla car may need to be done for one reason or another. If the panels have become worn out or damaged, you may need to replace them altogether. If you... Read More »

Toyota Corolla Starter Removal & Installation?

The hardest part of the removal and installation of a Toyota Corolla starter is the fact that you have to crawl under the car. Even considering that, however, the process is actually rather easy, a... Read More »