Cornrow Braiding With Weave Instructions?

Answer Invisible braiding is a process where weave extensions are woven directly into cornrows as they're being braided. This process allows the extension to be added without using any glues or threads, m... Read More »

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Cornrow Braiding Instructions?

Cornrow braids are a style of braiding common in African and African American culture. It's stylish, yet keeps the hair simple and easy to maintain. Cornrows can be braided in several different w... Read More »

Cornrow Weave Instructions?

Cornrows are a type of braid where a section of hair is braided flat against the scalp, a process repeated across the entire head so that there are many rows of flat braids. You can weave hair exte... Read More »

Cornrow Braiding Techniques?

Cornrows are tightly braided rows of hair that are sometimes worked into an elaborate pattern. Although cornrows are an African hairstyle, they are popular with people of all ethnic backgrounds. ... Read More »

The History of Cornrow Braiding?

Cornrow braiding is a form of hairstyle in which the hair is picked up and gathered along a row to form a tight braid against the scalp. Cornrows can be braided in a variety of patterns and often t... Read More »