Cornerstone Product Development?

Answer In his book "Managerial Breakthrough," the late Joseph M. Juran, a major figure in the study of quality management, described a breakthrough as "change, a dynamic, decisive movement to new, higher... Read More »

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Why Is Product Analysis Critical in the New Product Development Process?

The process of product analysis can take many forms, but it generally involves a series of questions and answers surrounding an existing product, or one in some stage of development. Product analys... Read More »

Fashion Product Development Careers?

Professionals working in the field of fashion product development are responsible for the conceptualization, construction, selling and distribution of a designer or manufacturer's products. In addi... Read More »

Director of Product Development Job Description?

Companies often have multiple departments that are responsible for various tasks. All of these departments work together to ensure the success of the company. Oftentimes, these departments are head... Read More »

What is the salary for a director of product development?

According to 2009 data from, the median salary for a director of product development is approximately $152,000. It should be noted that regional trends, education and experience can sig... Read More »