Corn-Based Ethanol Plants?

Answer Ethanol plants intend to help reduce the United States' dependency on foreign oil by providing a renewable fuel source made from crops that can be grown in the US. The primary plant that is grown ... Read More »

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What is the corn to ethanol process?

Ethanol is a fuel made from fermented corn. It is one of the leading experiments in alternative fuels, and has been proposed as a viable replacement for fossil fuels. The process has been revised c... Read More »

How to Make Corn Ethanol?

The federal government subsidized the corn ethanol market to the tune of over $8 billion in 2006 alone. Despite the fact that corn is not the most efficient source of cellulosic ethanol, a combinat... Read More »

Is ethanol made from food quality corn?

Ethanol is made from starch- or sugar-based feedstock, according to the Renewable Fuels Association (RFA), not from human food-quality corn. "For calendar year 2009, ethanol production exceeded 10.... Read More »

How many bushels of corn does it take to make 1 gallon of ethanol?

One bushel of corn can produce about 2.7 gallons of ethanol that can be used as fuel, according to the Purdue University Extension. The process involves breaking down the starch in the corn into su... Read More »