Cordless Desktop Keyboard/Mouse - Do these work well?

Answer Hi. Your sister is confusing wireless devices with wireless internet. Your mouse will use batteries fastest because you use it almost constantly. The keyboard will last a long time. I use both and ... Read More »

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How well do the IKEA solar-paneled desktop lamps work Do you think they're cute?

Mine does not give enough light, it is not bright enough, and I get headache's, when I try.

How do cordless mice&cordless keyboards work?

Today's computer mice and keyboards can control your computer without being physically connected. These peripheral devices work through a technology that's been used for well more than a century: r... Read More »

How work a cordless phone?

These days cordless `phones are usually the "DECT" type where the base station plugs into the telephone socket and the actual handsets communicate with the base signal by short range radio signals.... Read More »

All these closed door conversations at work...These Corporate Whores are preparing to can me, aren't they?

Just had another one fired here today as well... I feel ya, Wilbur... by my estimation I'm about number three with a target on my back right now. The bastard whose name I won't use (okay it's Sande... Read More »