Copyright in a video... Would this count?

Answer It would almost CERTAINLY be a copyright infringement whether or not you "give credit" to your victims. Unless you can prove the defense of "fair use" in US federal court, when you're sued, you wil... Read More »

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Youtube: Does this mean I can still get a copyright strike if the video does get copyrighted?

Answer to your question is No and remember, try not to use copyrighted items. After three strikes your account will be suspended.

Would this be a good video?

Seems like a great video to me. Make it and stay off the sauce while you do."sauce " is a reference to alcohol and not drugs.

Would you tell me what you think of this video?

Nice! I'm not a dancer so I don't think I could give you actually advice as far as dancing is concerned :L however I can talk a little about the video itself.I must say that a garage is an interest... Read More »

This man posted a video of my baby on Facebook. Would you say its strange?

You have every right to object to footage of your child being posted on Facebook. He should NOT have posted it without your express permission. You can quietly contact Facebook directly and ask the... Read More »