Copyright in a video... Would this count?

Answer It would almost CERTAINLY be a copyright infringement whether or not you "give credit" to your victims. Unless you can prove the defense of "fair use" in US federal court, when you're sued, you wil... Read More »

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Copyright Law & Video Copying?

Copyright law gives creators the exclusive right to distribute, sell and perform their creative products. This exclusive right is subject to the fair use privilege, which allows copying of lawfully... Read More »

US Copyright Laws on Digitizing Video?

The Copyright Act of 1976 generally prohibits copying and distributing original works, including video. The laws that surround digitizing video are varied, allowing it in some circumstances while e... Read More »

How do i add songs onto my youtube video without having copyright problems?

Unfortunately for you, any music that's not truly yours but you haveused in your video is considered "copyright infringement". The hugemusic/media corporations like UMG, Warner and Viacom don't jus... Read More »

Accidently flagged a video on youtube for copyright?

Don't worry about it, Youtube just asks its users to flag material that goes against copyright or guidelines. Since you flagged it for copyright, Youtube will look to see if it actually was a copy... Read More »