Copyright Laws in the USA?

Answer The United States' Copyright Act is federal law that protects a creator's original works. Copyright law is set forth in Title 17 of the U.S. Code and governs what works are copyrightable, the right... Read More »

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What Is the Purpose of Copyright Laws?

Copyright is part of a group of protections called intellectual property rights that aim to protect innovations the way physical property is protected. Copyright protects the expression of ideas, u... Read More »

Copyright Laws for Blogs?

A blog is a web-based collection of text, images and other media. Most blogs are maintained by one "blogger" and are arranged in chronological posts of information. Blog content usually fits into a... Read More »

Internet and TV Copyright Laws?

Copyright laws protect original works or content created by writers, artists, composers and directors, among others. Protected works can include television programs, radio broadcasts, the page cont... Read More »

Copyright & Photocopying Laws?

Books, magazines, trade journals and newspapers are all considered published works. According to United States copyright laws, a published piece of work is protected from copyright infringement; ho... Read More »