Copying videos from camcorder to pc!!?

Answer get an SDcard, save or copy the same video into the SDcard, and then put the SDcard into your computer hope this helps :)

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My question is about copying DVDs from my camcorder?

If you can get NERO to work, it will do it. If I start with a fresh installation of Windows XP and a fresh installation of NERO, NERO will work for a while. Don't interrupt NERO with a mouse or k... Read More »

How can you put videos onto a dvd from your camcorder?

You need to go out and buy a blank DVD disc. Of course these packs are more expensive than regular CD-R's. .Make sure and find out how much information (how many hours of play) can be held onto eac... Read More »

How do I transfer videos from a camcorder to a computer?

Firewire is a lot faster.I would recommend it.If you're using a windows then you would have to use Movie Maker.It will say transfer file from camera or device.Click and then it will bring up a wind... Read More »

How to download videos from canon fs200 camcorder?

If you connect your camera to your computer and if you installed the software that came with the project (imagemixer, I believe) you should be able to open the program and you should be able to fnd... Read More »