Copying names to different sheets without added 0's in excel?

Answer Use the following expression and copy that to every cell that will have the Name: =IF(ISBLANK(Sheet1!A1),"",Sheet1!A1)

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Linking two sheets in excel?

If the two worksheets (within a single workbook) both have exactly the same "names" on each sheet, and each "name" is located on the same Row on both sheets, then it is a very simple formula that w... Read More »

How many sheets can be in an Excel workbook?

According to Microsoft, its Excel spreadsheet program has no hard limits on how many sheets can be in a single Excel workbook. This means, in principle, an unlimited number of sheets may be placed ... Read More »

Where is the zoom box on Excel sheets?

In Excel 2003, the zoom box is in the standard toolbar, located by default at the top of the page. If it is not visible, add it to the standard toolbar by using "Customize toolbars and menus" under... Read More »

How to Make Spread Sheets With Excel?

Microsoft Excel features an intuitive design that allows a novice to create their first spreadsheet in minutes. Microsoft provides a number of free introductory tutorials on the Web that walk new u... Read More »