Copying Old Cassette Tapes. How Can I Preserve Them?

Answer Actually, CDs are not a great start. CD quality will degrade within 10-20 years. I have music CDs that will hardly play anymore. They are from 6 years ago with few scratches. Also, if you make your... Read More »

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Is copying cassette tapes legal?

It's generally legal to make a single cassette copy of copyrighted material that you already own, as long as the copy is for personal use and is not used commercially. The Recording Industry Assoc... Read More »

When did they stop making cassette tapes and cassette players?

You are asking too many questions in one.I will say this much:Prerecorded cassettes died a long, slow death after CDs were introduced (in 1982 - 1983), mainly because CDs are so much better.Blank c... Read More »

How to Convert Cassette Tapes to CD or MP3?

A cassette tape is an audio recording format that has been most popular from the beginning of the 1970s to the end of the 1990s. Compact cassette tapes, commonly referred to as tapes, are actually ... Read More »

How to Convert Cassette Tapes to MP3 or WAV or WMA?

Cassettes and even compact discs are becoming a thing of the past with digital music files and mp3 players becoming more popular. Many songs, even older ones, are now available in digital music for... Read More »