Copy & Paste Buttons for Word Macros?

Answer If you want to speed up formatting and editing documents in Microsoft Word, then you can make a macro take over some repetitive tasks. A macro is a series of keystrokes and mouse clicks that you ca... Read More »

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How to Copy & Paste Flash Replay Buttons?

In Flash, the replay button is most often going to be found at the end of a presentation or an automated slide show of some sort, and its design is to allow viewers to quickly start over from the b... Read More »

How to Copy & Paste in Microsoft Word?

When working in Microsoft Word, both copying and pasting text and images can save you loads of time and effort. Copying takes the selected text or image and saves it so you can move it to another p... Read More »

Copy and paste from excel to word.?

Have you tried re-formatting the MS-Excel worksheet so that the Font, Size, and other values are set the way you want them before doing the Copy action??And when you do the Paste action into MS-Wor... Read More »

Why cant i copy & paste pictures on ms word page?

first of all1> Open ur picture in PAINT.2> than copy and paste ur pictuer...otherwise1> in word select INSERT menu.2> select PICTURE.3> select ur picture... U will get ur picture...Hope u can do th... Read More »