Cooperative Learning Strategies in the Classroom?

Answer Cooperative learning places instructional emphasis on collaboration and group work. This strategy takes the focus off the individual student. Pupils are often divided into groups to complete a task... Read More »

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Uses of Cooperative Learning in a Classroom?

Cooperative learning allows students to work together to achieve educational goals. The activities used in cooperative learning allow the teacher to work with individual students who need additiona... Read More »

Classroom Activities for Cooperative Learning?

Cooperative learning is a style of education that gets students actively participating in the classroom. It is much more than group work, though that is a part of it. Kennesaw State University defi... Read More »

The Effects of Cooperative Learning in the Classroom?

Cooperative learning occurs when teachers assign a project to be completed by a small group of students working together. Cooperative learning groups are usually composed of three to four students,... Read More »

Seven Classroom Strategies for Learning?

Teaching children can be a challenging profession because the teacher needs to adapt to the personalities and learning styles of each individual child, as well as to a new class every year. Howeve... Read More »