Cooling pad or cooling fan for Laptop.?

Answer Firstly how old is the laptop?Secondly take a look at Task Manager, do you see any processes that are making the computer sweat eg 100%, have you scanned for viruses?Also Try to clean out your fan,... Read More »

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How to Replace a Belt-Driven Cooling Fan With an Electric Cooling Fan?

The shift from engine-powered, belt-driven cooling fans to electric cooling fans came about because of an increasing quest for more power. Engine-driven cooling fans use a lot of the engine power a... Read More »

Difference Between Refrigerated Cooling & Evaporative Cooling?

Staying cool in hot climates requires either a refrigerated air conditioner or an evaporative cooler. The substantive difference between the two appliances is that evaporative coolers use water to ... Read More »

Why do you need a laptop cooling pad?

Cooling pads are accessories that sit underneath laptops. They help reduce the operating temperature of the laptop, keeping it as close to optimum as possible. This ranges from 155 to 195 degrees F... Read More »

DIY Laptop Cooling?

Laptop computers have an annoying tendency to overheat after several hours of use. This can damage the components in your laptop and can make the computer prone to crashes and cause it to run slug... Read More »