Coolant Leak Detection Tools?

Answer Leaks can occur in any number of places in the cooling system of your vehicle. These can range from an easy-to-fix aged hose to a difficult-to-replace cracked block. One of the more noticeable effe... Read More »

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Head Gasket Leak Detection Tools?

Head gasket repair can be one of the most expensive procedures done to fix a vehicle. The head gasket forms a non-leaking mating surface between the engine block and the head. Several passages meet... Read More »

Leak Detection Techniques?

Leak detection techniques are useful for testing and locating various types of leaks. There are three basic functions of testing for leaks, including determining if there is a leak, measuring the l... Read More »

What Is a Leak Detection Pump in a Car?

Pressurizing a vehicle's fuel system can cause hidden leaks to be revealed. This is essentially what a leak detection pump does, though it is also capable of checking for blockage problems as well.... Read More »

DIY Automotive Vacuum Leak Detection?

Vacuum leaks on automotive engines and related systems can play havoc with all sorts of things, including engine performance and fuel mileage. Once you determine you have a vacuum leak, pinpointing... Read More »