Cool things to do when you're stoned?

Answer Play on yahoo answers.Color.Organize your room.Make awesome stoner mealsGo grocery shopping. Watch funny @ss movies. Have sex. Look up funny sh*t on you tube. LIKE :Epic Rap Battles of HistoryFluff... Read More »

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What are the best munchies, when you're stoned?

Bugles. You can put one on every finger. It's very entertaining.

Do you ever suspect some of your contacts are stoned when on Y!A?

And your point? LMAO.....*passes pipe*.....

Can you get diabetes when youre 21?

Yes---b/c there are 2 types, Type 1 (the type that is genetic) and Type 2 (the kind ppl get from being overweight).So, if you are normal weight, you could have Type 1. If you are overweight, you m... Read More »

What do you do most when youre STRESS?

I take a nap or just listen to myself breathe listen to music or just watch tv I also like to read novels or maybe manga or a gossip magazine