Cool Leadership Activities?

Answer Everyone is a follower. At some point in life, we all follow the leadership of others -- parents, teachers, friends, managers and government officials. Not everyone is a leader. To be a leader mean... Read More »

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Leadership Activities for Students?

For most American teens, high school is a time to get ready for college. Those aspiring to attend the most selective universities will need to show exemplary performance both in and out of the clas... Read More »

Leadership Activities for Children?

Leadership stems from a desire to effect change. Leadership should serve the people you are leading, not yourself. "Leadership should be born out of the understanding of the needs of those who woul... Read More »

Educational Leadership Activities?

Some children are born leaders, and some children tend to take on the role of followers. Although not all children will be leaders, it is is still important to teach them leadership skills. There m... Read More »

Leadership Activities for the Classroom?

Leadership is a tricky thing to teach. Some would argue that leadership is an innate quality that cannot be taught. On the other hand, leadership is not really a quality in itself. It is a group of... Read More »