Cool Facts About the Sun?

Answer The Sun is the largest object in the solar system and the most violently active energy source. It influences the life and orbits of every planet circling it. The Sun also does a number of unexpecte... Read More »

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Cool Facts About Grasshoppers?

Grasshoppers are insects that live everywhere in the world except the Polar regions. Grasshoppers subsist on vegetation, can grow as long as five inches in some species and differ from their close ... Read More »

Cool Tree Facts?

Trees play an important role on our planet as they produce oxygen and reduce carbon dioxide. Trees are often called perennial woody plants and are only placed within the "tree" category when they m... Read More »

Cool Facts on Neptune?

On September 23, 1846, Johann Gottfried Galle, using the mathematical work of Urbain Jean Joseph Leverrier, discovered a new planet. The planet took the name of Neptune after the Roman sea god, sin... Read More »

Cool Facts About Grizzly Bears?

The grizzly bear, a subspecies of the brown bear, is one of the largest animals in North America. Male grizzly bears are considerably larger than females and can grow to be up to seven feet long an... Read More »