Cooking a turkey, what is the easiest and tastiest way to cook it ?

Answer Start thawing that bird about 3 days before baking. In fact, you may consider doing TWO smaller turkeys... They will cook more evenly and you have twice as many "parts" to serve. An 18-20 lb. tur... Read More »

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What is the easiest, quickest and tastiest recipe to cook for impressing a family?

A Roast always impresses and it's so easily customized to suit you and your familys needseg: vegatarian roasts or a traditional meat roast.Now days you can take short cuts and buy stuffing, yorkshi... Read More »

Is the giblet bag supposed to balloon out of the turkey, like a football, before the turkey is done cooking?

Yes, that's right. Now lower that thing back into the deep frier, and crack open another of Milwalkee's best.Happy Thanksgiving! On a side note, I am gravely disappointed with Matt Stafford's perfo... Read More »

How to Cook the World's Tastiest Chili Con Carne Recipe?

This recipe is by far the tastiest and one of the easiest ways to cook an amazing chili con carne to amaze not just yourself, but friends too.I call this, my 'Traffic Light Chili'.

Easiest way to quit smoking cold turkey or cutting down?

cold turkey and if you can afford the patch get those...I used an inhaler and it worked for me..